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One of the advantages of growing in maturity is the vast, hands-on experience gathered along the way.  I am fortunate to have had a variety of jobs and, ultimately, a career.  Each stage of working offered something different.  I worked for myself, worked at home, worked for others, and had others working for me; I had great bosses, not-so-great bosses and short-lived bosses that I knew I couldn’t possibly work with.  Each experience provided an opportunity to learn more about myself, the ever-evolving, and the inevitable issues that came along with it.

Many workplace topics are universal, but I bring that extra something that businesses often dismiss in their quest to move forward: the human element.  Companies can set quotas, re-organize, and lead in a variety of ways, but if people don’t feel heard, appreciated, and motivated, the players may change but it will be “same climb, different mountain.”  I not only bring practical ideas to companies, I also address the human, softer, side of business, which often results in hard core changes.

Workplace Topics:
Strategies to Produce Personal and Professional Productivity
Can You Hear Me Now: The Challenge of Communication
How to Age and Still Remain in Control of Your Life
Life Lessons Learned in the Aftermath of Suicide
Life On A Post-It Note: From the Mundane to the Meaningful
The Sandwich Generation: Is It Taking A Bite Out of Your Bottom Line?
Note: If you have a specific topic you would like addressed, customized presentations are an option. 
Previous Workplace (for profit and non-profit) Venues Include:
Colorado Activity Professionals’ Assn., Annual Conference, Boulder, CO
Executive Women International, Colorado Springs, CO
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Forum, Colorado Springs, CO
Heartbeat Support Group, Colorado Springs, CO
Safety of Seniors Annual Conference, Pueblo, CO
Senior Resource Council, Colorado Springs, CO
Spring Conference, Ron Cornell Financial Services, Colorado Springs, CO
Suicide Prevention Partnership, Colorado Springs, CO
The Colorado Alzheimer’s Assn. Annual Statewide Retreat, Denver, CO

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