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Tebow Time in the Workplace?

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The Tebow phenomenon is about so much more than winning football games.  Tim Tebow brings visible leadership skills that can translate into a winning work team.  Tebow’s ability to exceed expectations appears directly proportionate to his ability to excel at preparation.  Teammates often refer to Tebow’s outstanding work ethic before, during, and after official practice.  I have heard him say (in sound bites, of course), that everyone, including him, has to constantly strive to reach their full potential.  How many of us in the workplace spend that much time and energy on developing our skill sets, practicing our options, and visualizing our successes?  Whatever the answer, it will be reflected in our performance..

When interviewed after a game, Tebow gives much credit to his coaches and his teammates, co-workers if you will.  He cites their athletic prowess, and their ability to make him look good.  He skillfully takes the spotlight off of himself and shines it on others; a great leadership skill.  It “catches” people doing awesome things and brings it to others’ attention; a win-win for all.  Is it possible that could work at the office as well?

Tebow’s tenacity is close to the stuff of which legends are made.  Whether we call it the “believe” factor or the “it’s not over ’til it’s over” mantra, Tebow works incredibly hard at going over, under, around, and through obstacles in his way.  Particularly in today’s economy, it’s understandable that workplace challenges seem greater than ever before, but there are companies that are not only breaking even but are succeeding, even start-ups!  A positive attitude is a huge component when building a business; it’s akin to the advice given for driving on ice – keep your hands firmly on the wheel and look where you want to go; it gives us a much better chance of arriving intact at our destination.

Tebow appears comfortable in his own skin and stays focused, at least publicly.  I have a suspicion that he’s that way in private as well.  Comments by naysayers and critics seem to bounce off of him if, indeed, they touch him at all; an important quality for a quarterback!  The workplace can be a minefied, not for the faint of heart.  Know what you stand for and what you will and won’t compromise.  Work diligently to earn respect rather than the office popularity contest; it’s a plus if they go hand-in-hand, but it’s not a necessity; often it’s not even a possibility.

His livelihood is not as important as his greater life’s purpose.  Recently, Tebow commented on how excited he was to be opening an orphanage in the Philippines; it was more important to him than football (and we all know how important football is to him).  How about you?  Does your livelihood enable you to support your passion?  Even if we aren’t privileged to love what we do at the office, the mall, or the construction site, we can appreciate the opportunities our paycheck provides for ourselves, our families, and others. That’s quite the motivation, in my book.

Whether you love, hate, or are indifferent to Tim Tebow, at the very least this young man can make us stop and think and perhaps learn a few thing from him along the way.  Personally?  I think he’s an inspiring leader first and, following close on the heels of his workplace excellence, a stellar football player in the making. 





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